Online World Press Photo Festival

A three day program of shows, presentations and dialogue

The World Press Photo Foundation hosted its annual festival online this year.

The three-day program included this year’s Awards Show, presentations by 2021 Contests winners sharing the background to their award-winning stories, talks with jury members taking you through the judging process, discussions around the theme of press freedom, and digital spaces for visual storytelling professionals to discuss pressing questions and topics.

Click on the links below to (re)watch the different sessions:

Awards Day

During the Awards Show, the opening of our event, we spotlighted the 2021 World Press Photo Contests category winners and announced the four headline awards winners. Rewatch the Awards Show.

The winners of our 64th annual Photo Contest and 11th annual Digital Storytelling Contest have been announced. Discover the stories that matter, selected by an independent jury.

2021 Contests winners presentations

2021 Contests winners Ami Vitale, Benas Gerdziunas, Maya Alleruzzo, Oleg Ponomarev and Valery Melnikov share the story behind their award-winning photos and productions. See the presentations. 
Antonio Faccilongo, Chris Donovan, Cristóbal Olivares, Evelyn Hockstein and Karolina Jonderko discuss their 2021 World Press Photo Contests winning stories. Watch here. 
Photographers and digital stortellers Alisa Martynova, Lalo de Almeida, Lorenzo Tugnoli, Natalia Kepesz and Whitney Hurst present their 2021 Contests award-winning work. Discover more.

2021 World Press Photo Contests winners Alex Badia and Claudia Reig, Ernesto Benavides, Jérémy Lempin, Joanna Vasquez Arong, and Mads Nissen share the background to their winning photos and productions. Learn more. 

Talks and debate

Kevin WY Lee, 2021 Photo Contest General Jury member, and Muyi Xiao, 2021 Digital Storytelling Contest jury chair, talk about this year’s headline awards winners and take you through the judging process. Watch the talk. 
2021 Contests winners Ernesto Benavides, John Minchillo and Zishaan A Latif talk about the tension field between press freedom and protests. See more . 

Support us

Attendance to this three-day program is free, so that anybody can participate in this first online edition of our annual Festival. If you share our vision of connecting the world to the stories that matter, you can make a contribution to support us here.