6x6 Europe: Second cycle

Meet the 6x6 talents from Europe

The World Press Photo Foundation is proud to announce the results of the second cycle of the 6x6 Global Talent Program in Europe. Selected from over 100 nominations, the six visual storytellers are:

Selection Committee

Nominations for visual storytellers from Europe were made by the international community of 6x6 nominators. From the nominees’ submitted portfolios, a selection committee picked six visual storytellers – three men and three women – to join the pool of 6x6 talents from around the world.

Together with Lars Boering, World Press Photo Foundation, managing director, the online selection committee comprised: Anna Dannemann, United Kingdom, curator; Anna Shpakova, Russia, independent photo editor, cultural producer and educator; Markéta Kinterová, Czech Republic, artist ; and Thanassis Stavrakis, Greece, photographer and artistic director of Athens Photo World. Find out more about the nomination and selection processes.

Nominator Quotes

On nominating Máté Bartha, Istvan Viragvolgyi, curator and photo editor at Capa Centre and 6x6 nominator, said:

“Máté Bartha is a great visual storyteller with exceptional sensitivity towards even minor changes in the dynamic of a group of people. He also has an ability to translate his findings into a lyric but also very direct visual code.”

On nominating Nanna Heitmann, Carol Körting, photo editor at Leica Fotografie International Magazine and 6x6 nominator, said:

“Hiding from Baba Yaga is a magic trip. The opulence and soul of her quiet images make Nanna’s work a must-see.”

On nominating Rafael Heygster, Stephanie Harke, photo editor, Stern Magazine, said:

“Rafael reaches out very close to the people he photographs. That is why his pictures are often very touching. He is definitely a talent to watch.”

On nominating Carolina Rapezzi, Heidi Romano, independent artist, curator, design consultant, and 6x6 nominator, said:

“Carolina Rapezzi deserves more attention for her work.”

On nominating Valentina Sinis, Ron Haviv, photographer and 6x6 nominator, said:

“Watching the growth of Valentina's work in rapid time has been inspiring. Both her work in China and being one of the few looking at the post-ISIS world in a unique way convinces me that she will be a perfect addition to the 6x6 Global Talent Program.”

On nominating Mathias Svold, Paolo Verzone, photographer and 6x6 nominator, said:

“Mathias is a skilled young documentary photographer. He is capable of following a long-term project until the end. He has a strong and consistent visual identity.”


In addition to exhibition opportunities, the work of the six talents will also be published and shared on the World Press Photo Foundation’s platforms, including a feature on our online magazine Witness for each of the talents. The 6x6 talents also receive an automatic nomination for World Press Photo’s prestigious Joop Swart Masterclass.

The next region in this second cycle of the 6x6 Global Talent Program is Africa. Discover the results of the first cycle in Africa, and the key dates for this region.

For all questions about the program, please contact 6x6@worldpressphoto.org

Header Image, from left to right, top to bottom: Máté Bartha (© Máté Bartha), Nanna Heitmann (© Nanna Heitmann), Rafael Heygster (© Vivian Rutsch), Carolina Rapezzi (© Marie Bouly), Valentina Sinis (© Valentina Sinis), Mathias Svold (© Jonas Normann).