Meet the 36 talents from six regions around the world

Celebrating the first full cycle of the 6x6 Global Talent Program 

The 6x6 Global Talent Program was launched in August 2017 to highlight talent from around the world and present stories with diverse perspectives. Over two years, through a process of nomination and selection in one region at a time, the first full cycle of 6x6 has spotlit 36 talents.

6x6 talents’ work has been exhibited in four of the six regions, and published and shared on the World Press Photo Foundation’s platforms, including our online magazine Witness. 6x6 talents also receive an automatic nomination for World Press Photo’s prestigious Joop Swart Masterclass - this year, six of the talents will participate in the week-long masterclass in Amsterdam.

Meet the 19 women and 17 men from the six regions: 

Find out the key dates for each region of the second cycle, and find out how you can get involved in the program.  

Image credit: 6x6 Southeast Asia and Oceania Talent, Hannah Reyes Morales