2023 Contest regional winners announced

Announcing the regional winners for the 2023 World Press Photo Contest

The 2023 World Press Photo Contest awarded works call attention to some of the most pressing issues facing the world today – from the devastating documentation of the war in Ukraine and historic protests in Iran, to the realities in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan and the many faces of the climate crisis in countries ranging from Morocco to Australia to Peru to Kazakhstan.

Drawn from more than 60,000 entries, the 24 winners and six honorable mentions were selected from 3,752 entrants from 127 countries. The entries were judged by an international independent jury, composed of six regional juries and a global jury. The regional juries first made a selection of entries per category in their regions, after which the global jury decided on the regional winners.

“The photographs that we have chosen to represent 2022 are indicative of this moment in time, and will serve as historical documents of what the year was like for future generations to look back on and hopefully learn from.” Brent Lewis, photo editor, The New York Times, co-founder, Diversify Photo, and 2023 Contest global jury chair.

The global winners–the World Press Photo of the Year, the World Press Photo Story of the Year, the World Press Photo Long-Term Project Award, and the World Press Photo Open Format Award–will be announced on 20 April. Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest news.

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“As a jury, we needed to address a key issue: What is the Africa we want to show to the world? How do we strike a balance between showing the realities on the continent – realities such as the effects of the climate crisis or armed conflict – without reinforcing stereotypes?

When sitting on the global jury, I quickly realized fundamental differences in our paradigms. However, despite these fundamental differences, the truth remained that an image that is well executed speaks for itself.” - Angela Jimu, visual storyteller, co-founder and director, Zimbabwe Association of Female Photographers (ZAFP), and 2023 Contest Africa jury chair. Read more.

The awarded works for Africa are:

The Big Forget by Lee-Ann Olwage, South Africa, Bob & Diane Fund, for Der Spiegel

New Capital by Nick Hannes, Belgium, Panos Pictures

Long-Term Projects
Before It's Gone by M'hammed Kilito, Morocco

Open Format
Here, The Doors Don't Know Me by Mohamed Mahdy, Egypt

Honorable Mention
The Nomad's Final Journey by Jonathan Fontaine, France, Hans Lucas

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“Some of the submissions from the Asia region were courageous in their protest against authoritarian dictatorship. In contrast, others made me think about a country itself, the tragedy and strife caused, for example, by the power vacuum after a strong power left. And, as always, it is the citizens who suffer.

I also wondered why, although citizens across the region protested against coercive governments, so few pictures of the demonstrations were submitted for consideration. This absence raises a concern about the increasing infringement of freedom of speech being practiced by new and old authoritarian regimes alike.”
 - Hideko Kataoka, photo editor, curator, educator, and director of photography, Newsweek Japan, and 2023 Contest Asia jury chair. Read more.

The awarded works for Asia are:

Shireen Abu Akleh’s Funeral by Maya Levin, United States, Associated Press

The Price of Peace in Afghanistan by Mads Nissen, Denmark, Politiken/Panos Pictures

Long-Term Projects
Battered Waters by Anush Babajanyan, Armenia, VII Agency /National Geographic Society

Open Format
Woman, Life, Freedom by Hossein Fatemi, Iran

The jury awarded two honorable mentions in Asia due to the vastness of pressing issues in the region. These are two powerful projects that could not get lost and leaving either topic out of the selection would do a disservice to photography, to press, and to the world.

Honorable Mention
Untitled by Ahmad Halabisaz, Iran

Honorable Mention
Faint Light in the Unfinished Building by Weimin Chu, China

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“The impressive number of applications from Europe inspired us to research and learn more about the lives and stories of people in countries across the continent. [...] Most of these stories dealt with the war in Ukraine – images of pain, loss, death, and destroyed cities. [...]

We could not and did not want to avoid shocking images, because the Russia-Ukraine war had become the topic of the year, so events in Ukraine had to be shown as they really were.” - Kateryna Radchenko, curator, and director, Odesa Photo Days Festival, and 2023 Contest Europe jury chair. Read more.

The awarded works for Europe are:

Yana and Victor by Alkis Konstantinidis, Greece, Reuters

The Siege of Mariupol by Evgeniy Maloletka, Ukraine, Associated Press

Long-Term Projects
Net-Zero Transition by Simone Tramonte, Italy

Open Format
Passengers by Cesar Dezfuli, Spain/Iran, for De Volkskrant

Honorable Mention
War Wounds by Emilio Morenatti, Spain, Associated Press

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North and Central America

“The submissions reflected not only the ever-shifting news cycle, but also the inner preoccupations of the region’s people. Entries traced migration from source to sanctuary; navigated the fallout from further encroachment on women’s rights across communities; and honored the stories of individuals’ struggles to determine their identity on their own terms.

This year’s contestants went beyond reflection by peering into the shape of stories to come. For instance, as the climate crisis left no country unpunished, photographers composed visual stories that presaged possible tumult – and solutions – yet to come.”  - Tomás Ayuso, photographer and writer, and 2023 Contest North and Central America jury chair. Read more.

The awarded works for North and Central America are:

The Dying River by Jonas Kakó, Germany, Panos Pictures

Maria's Journey by Carlos Barria, Argentina, Reuters

Long-Term Projects
Beautiful Poison by Cristopher Rogel Blanquet, Mexico, W. Eugene Smith Grant/National System of Art Creators FONCA/Getty Images

Open Format
The Voice of New York Is Drill by Ashley Peña, United States, for New York Magazine

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South America

“We had a unique opportunity to concentrate on topics and stories that were relevant to our region, especially those that could contribute to narratives in meaningful ways and bring attention to issues that are often overlooked, and which may not have received the attention they deserved on a global stage. This was especially important in a year like 2022, when the news coverage was dominated by the war in Ukraine.” - Felipe Dana, photographer and photo editor, the Associated Press, and 2023 Contest South America jury chair. Read more.

The awarded works for South America are:

Oil Spill in Lima by Musuk Nolte, Peru/Mexico, Bertha Foundation

Alpaqueros by Alessandro Cinque, Italy, Pulitzer Center/National Geographic

Long-Term Projects
I Can't Hear the Birds by Fabiola Ferrero, Venezuela

Open Format
Shifting by Johanna Alarcón, Ecuador, Magnum Foundation/Panos Pictures

Honorable Mention
World Champions by Tomás Francisco Cuesta, Argentina, Agence France-Presse

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Southeast Asia and Oceania 

“At the heart of our selection process was the desire to highlight stories that not only raised awareness of important issues but also provided solutions or a call to action. We sought strong and brave stories that, in the context of our countries, may have been difficult to execute or discuss openly. Our group also discussed the connection that a story can bring, not only between the characters and the photographer, but also with the audience and among ourselves. [...]

Ultimately, we look forward to seeing how these images continue to spark conversation and inspire action in the years to come.” - Maika Elan, photographer and photo editor, and 2023 Contest Southeast Asia and Oceania jury chair. Read more.

The awarded works for Southeast Asia and Oceania are:

Retrieving the Dead by Mauk Kham Wah, Myanmar

Home for the Golden Gays by Hannah Reyes Morales, the Philippines, for The New York Times

Long-Term Projects
Death of a Nation by Kimberly dela Cruz, the Philippines, W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund, VII Mentor Program

Open Format
Australian Floods in Infrared by Chad Ajamian, Australia

Honorable Mention
Part of Me by Nadia Shira Cohen, United States, for The New York Times

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Global winners announced 20 April

Four global winners (one per category) are chosen from the regional winners, and these will be announced on 20 April online and, for the first time, at the opening of our flagship exhibition at the historic De Nieuwe Kerk on Amsterdam’s central square.

The exhibition will travel to over 60 cities around the world, including Rome, Berlin, Barcelona, Zurich, Tel Aviv, Taipei, Singapore, Mexico City, Jakarta, Sydney, and Toronto.

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