Felipe Fittipaldi


“Felipe captures and brings together a few critical elements as a Brazilian photographer in his work: the texture of light unique to Brazil, a sense of palette true to the physical and social terrain, and finally a respect for his subjects that in its honesty allows both the tragedy and beauty to come through in his chosen moments. So much is captured of the urban hardships of Brazil but Felipe’s work in the rural environments, which in no way turn a blind eye to the unique hardships that exist there, make him one of the first photographers that come to mind when I think of those whose vision still needs to be seen more by the rest of the viewing and watching world.” – Dan Immel, USA, editor, curator, photographer, and project manager

Born in 1982, Felipe Fittipaldi is a Brazilian photographer currently based in Rio de Janeiro.

Felipe followed his Bachelor in Communication with post-graduate studies in Communication and Images.

He collaborates with the main national and international newspapers and magazine such as El País, National Geographic, Folha de São Paulo and Veja Magazine.

Felipe has been awarded with the Picture of the Year Latam, a Lens Culture Emerging Talents Award 2017, Life Framer Award 2017, National Geographic Photo Contest, SEBRAI Journalism Award, I Exhibition CCSP, Magnum Caravan Scholarship 2017 and PEF 2017, amongst others.

In addition to commercial work, he is engaged in personal projects related to social and environmental issues.

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Felipe Fittipaldi received a nomination from Dan Immel.

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Felipe Fittipaldi