The Nomination Process

To locate unknown or under-recognized visual storytellers from all corners of the world, and connect them to international audiences, the 6x6 Global Talent Program will operate with a rolling process of nomination and selection.

The Process

For each of the six global regions of the program, the World Press Photo Foundation invites a diverse group of nominators from around the world to recommend one to three image-makers for review.

The nominators for the program are committed to increasing diversity through their nominations. The nominators include photographers, visual journalists, digital storytellers, photo editors, curators, festival organisers and professionals working in visual storytelling on a public level around the world. Nominators participate for at least two years of the project to allow for one full cycle of the program around the world. 

With each nomination, a nominator must include the motivation behind their recommendation. Should their nominee be selected, both their names and motivation will be published.

The Nominees

To be eligible for nomination for the 6x6 Global Talent Program, a nominee must be a passport holder of one of the countries in the specified global region of the current edition.

There is no age limit for nominees, but she/he must be a professional image maker (meaning people whose work has been published or exhibited) or have a commitment to be a professional image maker (students may be nominated).

Once the World Press Photo Foundation receives the nominations, nominees will be contacted and asked to submit a portfolio of work from the last five years to an online platform for review. The portfolio can contain up to 30 files, and needs to consist of at least two stories or projects; with a maximum of 10 singles (although singles are not obligatory) and up to two video/multimedia projects (although not obligatory). Videos must be no longer than ten minutes in length. The portfolio can include up to seven stories/projects, and including stills is not obligatory; one can submit only multimedia projects, such as film.

Transparency is very important, so nominees must openly describe their production and process through their statements and captions.

The Nominators

  • Tina Ahrens, Germany, director of photography at Philosophie magazine, Germany
  • Christoph Bangert, Germany, photojournalist
  • Laura Beltrán Villamizar, Colombia, photography editor, educator and founder of Native Agency
  • Daniel Boetker-Smith, Australia, educator, curator, writer and publisher
  • Emma Bowkett, United Kingdom, director of photography at the Financial Times FT Weekend Magazine
  • Sarah Caron, France, photographer  
  • Alejandro Chaskielberg, Argentina, independent photographer, videographer and teacher
  • Zelda Cheatle, Ireland, curator, teacher and publisher
  • Rebecca Chew, Malaysia, photographer, art director, graphic designer, photo editor, illustrator and writer
  • Reza Deghati, Iran, photographer
  • Jimmy Domingo, Philippines, photographer, editor and educator
  • Jillian Edelstein, United Kingdom, photographer
  • Ruth Eichhorn, Germany, photo editor and curator
  • Stephen Ferry, USA, photographer
  • Yumi Goto, Japan, photography curator, editor, researcher, consultant, educator and publisher,
  • Matt Grace, United Kingdom, founder and director of Myanmar Deitta
  • Wilson Gunawan, Indonesia, managing director of Leica Store Indonesia
  • Alan Hill, Australia, photographer and lecturer 
  • How Hwee Young, Singapore, chief photographer for China Region, European Pressphoto Agency (EPA)
  • Kelly Hussey-Smith, Australia, artist and academic
  • Gary Knight, United Kingdom, photographer, and founder and director of VII Photo Agency
  • Witold Krassowski, Poland, photographer and photography lecturer
  • Erika Larsen, USA, photographer
  • Kevin WY Lee, Singapore, photographer, creative director and founder of Invisible Photographer Asia (IPA)
  • Steven V L Lee, Malaysia, photographer
  • Eefje Ludwig, the Netherlands, advisor, curator and educator
  • Maria Mann, USA, photojournalism consultant European Pressphoto Agency (EPA)
  • Justyna Mielnikiewicz, Poland, photographer
  • Neo Ntsoma, South Africa, photojournalism trainer and photographer at Neo Ntsoma Productions
  • Hui Hsien Ng, Singapore, artist, writer and researcher
  • Ridzki Noviansyah, Indonesia, photographer
  • Uche Okpa-Iroha, Nigeria, art educator, and arts and culture producer
  • Søren Pagter, Denmark, head of department of photojournalism, Danish School of Media and Journalism
  • David Dare Parker, Australia, photojournalist
  • Andrei Polikanov, Russia, director of photography
  • Peggy Porquet, France, photo editor, curator and art director
  • Sarker Protick, Bangladesh, photographer and visual artist
  • Edy Purnomo, Indonesia, photographer
  • Whitney Richardson, USA, Business and Technology photo editor at The New York Times
  • Raphaela Rosella, Australia, documentary artist
  • Sim Chi Yin, Singapore, photographer
  • Rebecca Simons, Finland, independent curator, editor and educator in photography
  • John Stanmeyer, USA, photographer, filmmaker and field recordist
  • Andri Tambunan, USA, photojournalist
  • Gali Tibbon, Israel, photographer
  • Shehab Uddin, Bangladesh, visual artist, documentist and educator
  • Peter van Agtmael, USA, photographer
  • Donald Weber, Canada, photographer
  • Tom White, United Kingdom, photographer and educator
  • Daniella Zalcman, USA, photographer

As the program expands, we hope to keep growing our nominating committee and reach. With an emphasis on inclusivity and diversity, we welcome applications to become a nominator, as well as suggestions for possible nominator candidates. Please contact us for further information.