Francis Pérez


Francis Pérez is a freelance professional underwater photographer who focuses on the submarine world in places such as Indonesia, the Red Sea, Malaysia, South Africa, Mozambique, the Philippines, Micronesia, Galapagos Islands, Mexico, Chile and the Canary Islands, where he has focused on cetaceans.

Pérez is a contributer and collaborator for National Geographic Spain to articles about biodiversity of the Canary Islands. His work has been published in books, such as Blue Hope of Sylvia Earle, and The IUCN Red List: 50 Years of Conservation, alongside international magazines as National Geographic (Spain), Scuba Diving (Unites States), Sumerge (South Africa), aQua (Spain), and Ocean Geographic (Australia). 

He has been awarded international prizes as Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Ocean Geographic (Australia), Ocean Views from Nature's Best Photography (Unites States), Por el Planeta of National Geographic and
Televisa (Mexico).

World Press Photo Involvement:
2017 World Press Photo Contest winner

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Instagram: @francisperez000

Francis Pérez