Marie Hald


“Marie Hald is working thoroughly with projects about women and their relationship to beauty and the female body. Her work is very intimate and personal, both with reportage stories and portraits. Even though she has received prizes and her work has been published and exhibited, she deserves a larger recognition for her work focusing on important gender issues.”-

Søren Pagter, Denmark, photojournalism department head The Danish School of Media and Journalism,

Marie Hald lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

She graduated with a BA in photojournalism at The Danish School of Media and Journalism in Denmark and at ICP (International Center of Photography) in New York.

Hald has won a World Press Photo Award, The Danish Picture of the Year and many other international prizes for her long term project documenting the life of a danish mother of three, working in the sex industry.

Marie exhibited “The Girls from Malawa” (2015), a series documenting young girls with anorexia in Poland, in 'Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian', Paris and 'Haus der Photographie der Deichtorhallen', Hamburg.

See Marie Hald's 'The fight against ourselves' on Witness, World Press Photo's online magazine.

Marie Hald received a nomination from Søren Pagter.

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Marie Hald