Santi Palacios


“Santi's commitment to his work - to the story of migration - is something rarely seen. He has been constantly on the field during the past years producing a stunning body of work, both visually and journastically. The combinations of investigation, his sociological background, field work, visual skills, global perspective and commitment has made of him one of the best European photojournalists to watch.” -

Daniel Ochoa de Olza, Spain, photographer

Santi Palacios is a freelance photojournalist born in Madrid, and currently based in Barcelona.

Santi works mainly outside of his country, contributing to international news agencies and media outlets such as the Associated Press, among others.

His work has been published in major newspapers and magazines worldwide and has been recognized with many awards, including World Press Photo, Pictures of the Year, Overseas Press Club and the National Photojournalism Award of Spain 2015 and 2016.

Also a trained sociologist, he has focused much of his work on migrants, the reasons why they leave their countries, as well as their journeys and final destinations.

See Santi Palacios' 'SAR Zone' on Witness, World Press Photo's online magazine.

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Santi Palacios