Sarah Waiswa


“I am nominating Sarah first and foremost because there is a genuine sense of humanness in her approach to creating. It expresses inquisitiveness, beauty, adoration, concern, mindfulness and pride. I would like to see more of her eye on Africa and the world.”

- Erika Larsen, USA, photographer

Sarah Waiswa is a Ugandan born, Kenya based photographer fascinated by the richness of African stories, people, culture and myths.

She is also interested in the formation of the African identity in relation to the past, how it manifests itself in the present and what it will look like in the future.

After receiving both her sociology and psychology degrees, and working in a corporate position for a number of years, she decided to pursue photography full time. Waiswa’s desire is to illustrate the plight of various social issues on the continent, in a contemporary and non-traditional way.

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Sarah Waiswa