Denise Camargo

Denise Camargo, born in São Paulo and based in Brasília, Brazil, is a photographer with experience in visual arts, teaching and photojournalism.

She is a professor in the Department of Visual Arts at the Federal University of Brasília, on subjects such as Brazilian and contemporary photography, photographic practices as well as contemporary poetics in the postgraduate program. Camargo also coordinates the gallery of the Institute of Arts at the University of Brasília.

Her focuses are the creative processes and the image in Afro-Brazilian matrixes, whilst producing images, cultural projects and research.

Camargo has a PhD in Arts from the University of Campinas, São Paulo State; a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and a Master's degree in Communication Sciences, both from the School of Communication and Arts at the University of São Paulo; and a postgraduate degree from the University of Navarra.

She taught photography at the Senac University Center, São Paulo, where she also coordinated the postgraduate program.

She was a photojournalist for Agência Estado (Jornal da Tarde and O Estado de S. Paulo newspapers) and editor-in-chief of Irisfoto Magazine, the main magazine of Brazilian photography of its day.

Exhibitions that Camargo has produced in several Brazilian cities include Anthology of African Photography (1998); São os filhos do deserto onde a terra desposa a luz (1999); Shared Inheritance (2005); and Nago Silence – E o silêncio nagô calou em mim (2013 – 2015). Additional curatorial projects include Quilombolas: traditions and culture of resistance (2006 – 2010); and Corpo Imagem dos Terreiros (2014).

Camargo has been awarded the National Award for Afro-Brazilian Cultural Expressions (2010 and 2011); the Culture and Thought Program from the Culture Ministry (2007 and 2010); the Palmares Cultural Foundation Award (2012) for the publication of her PhD thesis ‘Imagética do candomblé, uma criação no espaço mítico-ritual’; and the Brazil Photography Award 2013. Her project ‘Skin Color Action’ was selected by the Fund for Cultural Support of the Federal District Government.
Denise Camargo

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Denise Camargo © Raquel Pellicano