Mariana Bazo


Mariana Bazo lives in Lima, Peru where she is a freelance photographer and contributor for Xinhua News Agency.

Bazo study Latin American history, at the Universidad Catolica del Peru, and photography at the School of Photojournalism at the University of Missouri in Columbia with an award from the Reuters Foundation. 

In the 90s she started as a photographer working for Reuters as head of the Reuters News Pictures in Peru, covering, editing, producing news and stories in her country and Latin America.

For about 30 years she has covered Latin America's main news such as the time of terrorism in Peru, the capture of Abimael Guzmán, the capture of the Japanese embassy by the MRTA, the FARC conflict in Colombia, crisis in Bolivia and Venezuela including the death of Hugo Chavez. Many natural disasters in the region such as floods, accidents and earthquakes. She has covered sporting events such as the Olympics in Sydney 2000 and Rio Brazil 2016, Pan American Games and Soccer tournaments like World Cup in Russia 2018. She also worked as an editor of very important events for the region.

She has taught photojournalism in several workshops such as a seminar for World Press Photo, in Bogota. Worked in multimedia projects where she combines photography and video such as: 'Mr Blues', 2010, for Media Storm, New York; 'Octavia and Esteban', 2012, and 'Chemical Affinity', 2014, for the Catolica University, Lima.

Her photos have been published in newspapers around the world, from New York Times to China Daily. Her archive on the Peruvian conflict is part of the Commission of Truth, Lima, 2003. She has published in multiple collective books on contemporary photography such as: 'Discovering Ecuador', National Geographic, Quito, 1994, 'The Pleasure of Life', 2001, and ' New Stories', 2008, for the World Press Photo Foundation, Amsterdam; 'The Art of Seeing': The Best of Reuters' Photography ', Washington DC, 2000: 'Our World Now', Reuters, Washington DC, 2006, 2007, 2009.

She was Canon Ambassador in 2016 and participates in the Canon College Tour, giving talks in different Universities of Peru. She has been a judge of several national and international photography awards such as Picture of The Year 2019, in Columbia, Missouri, United Statse.

In 2019, after 27 years, she left Reuters. She continues working as a photographer contributing with Xinhua. She also works with many colleagues in courses, edition and mentoring.

Twitter: @mbazo
Instagram: @marianabazo

Mariana Bazo

Portrait credit: Ana Cecilia Gonzales-Vigil