Pablo Tosco


Pablo Tosco is an Argentinian photo-video journalist focused on telling the stories of silenced people.

His work is focused on documenting and the inequalities and tragedies caused by migration and exodus, the migratory route of sub-Saharan people seeking a future in Europe, and the Syrian and Iraqi conflict and its impact on neighboring countries such as Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon.

He graduated from the National University of Córdoba with a bachelor’s in image and sound in 1995 and a degree in social communication in 1999.

Since 2004, Tosco works on stories for Oxfam Intermón about international cooperation, development and humanitarian aid in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Among others, he has documented educational and peace-building projects in Angola, life in refugee camps in Chad, the Central African Republic, South Sudan, and Sudan, projects of women's associations in Morocco, Nicaragua, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Guatemala, the return of Burundian refugees to their land, the earthquake victims in Haiti, Nepal and Ecuador, the impact of drought on the lives of people in Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia, Mauritania and Burkina Faso and the Ebola epidemic in Liberia and Sierra Leone

Tosco’s work has been published by El País, El Mundo, La Vanguardia, Clarin, BBC, TVE, Al Jazeera, CNN, The Guardian, The Washington Post, The New Yorker and The New York Times.

World Press Photo Involvement:
Award-winning photographer 2021 Photo Contest

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Pablo Tosco

Image credit: Sandra Tremoleda