Marianela Balbi


Marianela Balbi is a Venezuelan journalist and the executive director of IPYS Venezuela, a civil society organization that defends freedom of expression, access to public information and promotes the professional development of journalists in Venezuela. 

Marianela Balbi has developed collaborative networks for investigative reporting. She directed the ‘Owners of Censorship’ report carried out in 2015, one of the three finalist works for the Gabo Award from the FNPI. As director of a team of more than 30 journalists at IPYS Venezuela, she received the Roche-FNPI (Gabo Foundation) award for the Best Coverage of a Health Issue in Latin America, with the report ‘HuĂ©rfanos de la Salud’ in 2018.

World Press Photo Involvement:
2023 World Press Photo Contest jury member

Marianela Balbi on Social Media:
Instagram: @nela.balbi
Twitter: @NelaBalbi

Marianela Balbi

Portrait credit: Ezequiel Crespo / LeCrezPhoto