Yves Chatap


Yves Chatap is curator, publisher, and art critic, based between Paris and Yaoundé. He is engaged with institutional and experimental organizations and is member of AICA, IKT and C-E-A. Yves Chatap’s researches emphasize the visual concepts of intimacy, archive and identity, within the social and artistic uses of photography. 
In 2010, he joined the curatorial platform ‘On The Roof’ as a founding member and fully participated in the collective’s projects and global influence. Concomitantly, he has been guest curator at Treignac Project (2011), SAVVY Contemporary (2013), Glasgow Photography Festival (2014), amongst other venues. As an extension of his professional commitments, including regular writing contributions to trade magazines, exhibition catalogues and monographs, Yves Chatap gradually got involved in independent publication and started to release original photography books from 2012. In 2017, he co-founded YCOS-Project to provide greater support to artists and the production of their works. 

In 2021, Yves Chatap conceived ‘La clairière d’Eza Boto,’ one of the major project of Africa2020 season in France. He was also part of Jeu de Paume LAB as guest curator. 
Artistic director of YaPhoto Festival in Cameroon since 2019, Yves Chatap was also associate curator of the 10th African Biennale of Photography, held in Bamako in 2015. In this framework, he received the 2017 ACASA award for Curatorial Excellence for the ‘[Re] Generations’ retrospective, based on the analysis of archive materials. Benefiting from multiple backgrounds, his approach contributes to the reading of history of exhibitions both on local and continent scale. 

World Press Photo Involvement:
2023 World Press Photo Contest jury member

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Yves Chatap
Portrait credit: L'Atelier & Beyond