2018 Digital Storytelling Contest, Short Form, 1st prize

Duterte's Hell


Field of Vision

When Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte came to power in June 2016, he promised to wage a “war on drugs.” Credible human rights organizations and journalists claim that since then, more than 12,000 people have died in extrajudicial killings. Most of the victims have been poor urban Filipinos. Dozens of children have also died. Police and vigilantes have conducted the majority of the murders, although police have tried to downplay their role in the violence. Meanwhile, Duterte has compared himself to Hitler and said he would order secret death squads to wipe out as many as three million drug users. “Duterte’s Hell” highlights the terror and devastation that the killings are creating for victims’ families and communities. The film also reveals the impunity of perpetrators and Duterte himself.

Production team

    Director/camera: Aaron Goodman
    Director/camera: Luis Liwanag
    Writer/editor: Heidi Hanes
    Executive producer (Field of Vision): Laura Poitras
    Executive producer (Field of Vision): Charlotte Cook
    Executive producer (Field of Vision): A.J. Schnack
    Additional video: Ciriaco Santiago III
    Camera assistant: Miki Inaba
    Audio: Jayross Canape
    Sound mix: Chris Leon
    Colourist: Andre Dufour
    Titles: Tony Manolikakis
    Researcher: Danielle Mackey
    Researcher: Alanah Torralba
    Translation: Alexis Lahorra
    Supervising producer (Field of Vision): Anne Neczypor
    Production manager (Field of Vision): Farihah Zaman
    Editorial manager (Field of Vision): Bryce Renninger
    Data manager (Field of Vision): Mark Lukenbill
    Editorial coordinator (Field of Vision): June Jennings
    Music: Olivier Alary