2016 Digital Storytelling Contest, Short Form, 3rd prize


In the mountain village Hangsha in rural China, Shi Long Mei (13) dreams about one day becoming a famous singer. She sees her parents only once a year. While they work in the big cities, she studies tirelessly at school, from six in the morning to ten in the evening, to create the opportunities her parents never got.

Since 1978, China has experienced the largest internal migration in human history. Nearly 160 million people have left rural areas in order to seek work in the cities. But the rapidly increasing urbanization comes at a substantial personal cost. More than 60 million Chinese children are left behind in rural areas with their parents forced to move hundreds of miles away for work.

Production team

    Director, photographer, editor and producer: Katinka Hustad
    Commissioner: Per Anders Rosenkvist, Oslo University College
    Translator: Hao Wu
    Fixer: Yan Long Zheng, Peng Fang, Long Haiya
    Singer: Shi Long Mei