2018 Digital Storytelling Contest, Short Form, 3rd prize

The March of the Great White Bear

The project depicts polar bears on display and their artificial habitats. It attempts to portray the dilemmas concerning captive animal programs.

These videos are not looped: they are based on the "stereotypical behaviors (endless repetition of a fixed sequence of movements)" of polar bears in captivity, recorded in 17 enclosures worldwide. Ethological studies have shown that stereotypical behaviors stem from limited captive environments that do not satisfy the animals' normal behavioral needs. It is also seen as a sign of psychological distress in animals and therefore is considered a warning sign of poor welfare. However, it should be noted that stereotypes do not necessarily correspond to poor welfare at the time -- it can stem from poor welfare in an earlier stage in the course of the animal's life.

Production team

    Director: Sheng-Wen Lo 
    Sound artist: I-lly Cheng
    Consultant/veterinary science: Kendy (Tzu-Yun) Teng
    Consultant/visual concept/design: Erik Vroons 
    Consultant/visual concept/design: Yi-Hsien Hung

    Special thanks: Iris Tsung-huei Huang, Martine Stig, Chao-Liang Shen,
    Yungshih Lee.

    Co-produced with 國家地理雜誌中文版 (National Geographic Magazine Taiwanese edition)