2020 Digital Storytelling Contest, World Press Photo Online Video of the Year

Scenes From a Dry City


Francois Verster/Simon Wood/Field of Vision

What happens when a major metropolitan area runs out of water? This question is at the heart of Scenes From a Dry City, and one that is becoming increasingly urgent for the 4.5 million residents of Cape Town, South Africa. The city has been experiencing a severe water crisis since early 2017, when the municipal government began pleading with residents to conserve water. The engaging and often surprising vignettes expose the exacerbation of social inequality due to water shortage, and give a stark representation of the impacts of the global climate crisis.

Production team

    Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Writer: Francois Verster

    Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Writer: Simon Wood

    Executive Producer for Field of Vision: Charlotte Cook

    Executive Producer for Field of Vision: Laura Poitras