2020 Digital Storytelling Contest, Short, 2nd Prize

The 'Thin Yellow Line' Standing Between Hong Kong Police and Protesters


Dayu Zhang/South China Morning Post

Acting as a human barrier to diffuse tensions between protesters and the police, volunteers of ‘Protect the Children’, recognizable by their bright yellow-vests, placed themselves on the frontlines of anti-government protests around Hong Kong throughout 2019. Through nuanced characters and stories, The ‘Thin Yellow Line’ Standing Between Hong Kong Police and Protesters highlights the impact citizen-led initiatives have on both protesters on the ground and towards the protection of democracy in Hong Kong.

Production team

    Video Producer: Dayu Zhang

    Reporter: Zoe Low

    Reporter: Albert Han

    Copy Editor: Joe Kainz

    Senior Video Producer: Mantai Chow

    Senior Video Producer: Nadeem Omar Shad

    Executive Producer: Chieu Luu

    Director of Video: Mat Booth