2011 Digital Storytelling Contest, Interactive Productions, 2nd prize

Powering a Nation

Powering a Nation explores energy use in the US and its relationship to the country's demographics.

Powering a Nation is an interactive production that aims to educate about the most pressing environmental issues in the United States and inspire informed decision-making.

Jury comments:
"This is an excellent example of advocacy journalism, where the whole package has the potential to educate and raise policy awareness. Through a combination of strong graphics, a relatively easy-to-use navigation system, and a wide array of content ranging from short narrative linear multimedia pieces to graphs, photography, maps, games and other interactive elements, the viewer can learn about the issue, get absorbed in the stories and become activated into the issue."

Production team


    Executive Producer
    Laura Ruel

    Chad Stevens, Don Wittekind

    Editor in Chief
    Andrew Gaerig

    Managing Editor
    Lauren Frohne

    Marketing Director, Writer, Researcher
    Luca Semprini

    Lead Graphic Designer
    Monica Ulmanu

    Graphic Designers
    Anna Carrington, Amanda Loy

    Jessey Dearing, Mike Ehrlich, Elena Rue

    Writers, Researchers
    Meaghan Jennison, Chris Saunders

    The University North Carolina at Chapel Hill