The 6x6 Global Talent Program

There is no shortage of visual talent around the world, but some people are better known than others. To develop a new and more diverse visual representation of the world, we need to locate, recognize and share the best work. 

The 6x6 Global Talent Program will identify six under-recognized talents from each of the world’s six continents, and connect them to a global audience.

Each year, the 6x6 program will highlight work from three of the six global regions below in a rolling process of nomination and selection. 

Work from the six selected talents – those not yet well known outside of their own countries – will be published every four months so a new global perspective will be completed every two years.

A diverse group of nominators from every continent, working in visual storytelling on a public level around the world, will be invited to propose candidates for review. Candidates will then be asked to submit a portfolio of recent work.

The world of image-making is expanding, often ways unrestricted by convention. In this program, both still photography and moving images will be welcome as the emphasis is on visual storytelling. There is no age limit for candidates since creativity is not limited by years.
Transparency is an essential element of the program, and nominees must openly describe their creative choices so the audience can understand how what they see has been produced. 

The selection panel for each region will comprise of the managing director of World Press Photo Foundation, Lars Boering (chair), three selectors from the current global region to acknowledge the value of local experience and knowledge, and one selector from another of the continents.

The 6x6 program is not a contest, but a way to introduce us to talent around the world. There will be no categories, and the six individuals from each location will not be ranked or awarded individual prizes. Instead, their work will be recognized, published and shared on World Press Photo’s platforms with our global audience.

Find out more about the nomination process here.