Gabrielle Fonseca Johnson

United Kingdom

Gabrielle Fonseca Johnson is the editor of The Wider Image, Reuters’ award-winning multimedia storytelling imprint. She leads a team commissioning stories from photographers and multimedia journalists around the world. 
Gabrielle leads the Reuters photojournalism grant program with a focus on improving diversity as well as teaching workshops and curating exhibitions. Previously Gabrielle was an editor in Reuters UK bureau and at the Times of London. Born in London, Gabrielle is of Indian and British heritage. 

World Press Photo Involvement:
2023 World Press Photo Contest jury member 
6x6 Global Talent Program nominator

Gabrielle Fonseca Johnson on Social Media:
Instagram: @gfonsecajohnson
Twitter: @GFonsecaJohnson

Gabrielle Fonseca Johnson

Portrait credit: Olivia Harris