Zishaan A Latif


Zishaan A Latif (1984) is a photographer based in Mumbai and New Delhi.

Latif works with different textures, formats, and forms to challenge the preconceived notions and expectations of visual imagery. His work has been featured in both commercial and non-commercial collections, exhibitions, and publications worldwide.

Latif’s awards and recognition include Gabriele Basilico Prize nominee in 2019, Prix Levallois Prize finalist in 2019, Prix Levallois Prize Audience Award in 2019, CatchLight Fellowship finalist in 2019, British Journal of Photography’s ‘Ones to look out for’ nominee in 2019, India Habitat Centre Photosphere grant awardee in 2018-19 and Prix Pictet nominee in 2016. 

He also received a Certificate of Excellence at the Indian National Press Council Awards for Excellence in Journalism 2012 and attended Foundry Photography Workshop in Istanbul in 2010 and the Angkor photography workshop in Siem Reap in 2009.

World Press Photo Involvement:
Award-winning photographer 2021 Photo Contest
Joop Swart Masterclass nominee 2015

Zishaan A Latif on Social Media:
Instagram: @zishaanalatif
Twitter: @zishaanalatif

Zishaan A Latif

Image credit: Imtimenla Jamir