2014 Digital Storytelling Contest, Interactive Documentary, 2nd prize

NSA Files: Decoded


The Guardian US

In a series of investigative stories based on top-secret National Security Agency (NSA) documents leaked by former intelligence analyst Edward Snowden, The Guardian US revealed the vast scale and scope of domestic and international surveillance programs, the close relationship between technology companies and intelligence agencies, and how technology is leading to widespread, indiscriminate and routine mass collection of telephone and internet data of millions of people.

Production team

    Reporting: Ewen MacAskill and Gabriel Dance
    Lead Production: Feilding Cage, Greg Chen
    Video: Bob Sacha
    Production: Kenan Davis, Nadja Popovich, Kenton Powell, Ewen MacAskill, Ruth Spencer, Lisa van Gelder
    Additional Production: Spencer Ackerman, Kayla Epstein, Paul Lewis, Amanda Michel, Katie Rogers, Dominic Rushe