2015 Digital Storytelling Contest, Interactive Documentary, 1st prize

{The And}


The Skin Deep in collaboration with Deep Focus and Topaz Adizes

'{The And}' is an interactive documentary that explores the dynamics of modern relationships by bringing the viewer into the emotional space of real life couples. The title refers to the intangibles that connect people. Each viewer starts their experience by answering four questions. The answers generate a 90-second bespoke documentary film comprising segments of interviews with real couples and intended to open within the viewer a new window of thought about relationships.

Production team

    Presented by The Skin Deep in collaboration with Deep Focus and Topaz Adizes.

    Director/Writer: Topaz Adizes
    Creative Director/Writer: Nathan Phillips

    Producers: Julia Gorbach, Heran Abate
    Associate Producer: Carla Tramullas
    Camera Operator: Topaz Adizes
    Camera Assistants: Adhat Campos, Julia Gorbach
    Editor: Christopher McNabb
    Additional Editors: Armando Croda, Sebastian Diaz
    Sound Editor: Dan Dzula
    Color Correction: Na Thirakomen
    Production Assistants: Chloe Levine, Alex Gorbach, Ayla Wayman

    Executive Creative Director: Jeff Sikaitis
    Design: Mikell Fine Iles
    Developers: Mark Edgington, Jerry Bai, Ricky Bacon
    Digital Producer: Jordan Makow
    Project Manager: Ryan Rulli
    QA: Sara Tabor