2019 Digital Storytelling Contest, World Press Photo Interactive of the Year Nominee, Nominee

Notes From Aleppo



Notes From Aleppo follows photographer Issa Touma’s rediscovery of his home city. Forced to leave in 2012, Issa traveled back and forth to Syria until East Aleppo was retaken by the regime in December 2016. Notes From Aleppo shows the people who are returning and those who never left. In a sincere, insightful way, Issa reveals the struggles of Aleppo’s citizens in their attempt to restore normality in their day-to-day lives and recover from the destruction of war. He uncovers who is behind the reconstruction of the city—neither the regime nor foreign powers, but the citizens themselves. Their stories have gone largely unnoticed by international media. Yet the war has created an independent new generation of Aleppans, who no longer take traditional structures for granted.

Production team

    Photography/video/interviews: Issa Touma

    Editor: Bas Vroege

    Story editor: Lys Romero

    Story editor: Tan Tunali

    Visual editor: Thomas Vroege

    Graphic designer: Marcel C. de Vries

    Translator: Noushig Wartan

    Translator: Nouhad Awwad

    Translator: Susan Osman

    Translator/editor English: Herman te Loo

    Interactive concept: Wouter Vroege


    Made possible with the support of: Mondriaan Fund, Creative Industries Fund NL, NL Film Fonds, Slices