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ProPublica/BBC News

More Than Me, an American charity founded by Katie Meyler in the aftermath of the Second Liberian Civil War, set out to protect and empower girls through education. But, far from being protected, many of the girls in More Than Me’s care were made to endure the same abuses of power inflicted on them during the conflict, specifically sexual exploitation. Unprotected tells a searing story, turning a critical lens on the charity and its board, and on the lack of oversight by government institutions, the aid community, and the press. An impressive piece of investigative journalism, it exposes the problem of accountability, not only within Liberia, but the whole system of philanthropy-funded international aid.

Production team

    Reporter: Finlay Young

    Producer/director: Nadia Sussman

    Producer/director: Kathleen Flynn

    Executive producer: Claudia Milne

    Editor: Joe Singer

    Print editor: Alexandra Zayas

    Sound designer: Micah Kovacs

    Animation: Kaylee Soohyun Lee

    Motion graphics: Anna Vignet

    Graphic designer: Rob Weychert

    Executive producer for the BBC: Vara Szajkowski

    Editor-in-chief for ProPublica: Stephen Engelberg