2019 Digital Storytelling Contest, Short, 2nd Prize

I Just Simply Did What He Wanted


Emily Kassie/The New York Times

Maria and E.D. are among thousands of women who have reported sexual abuse while held in immigrant detention in the United States. Under the Trump administration, the detention system in America continues to expand rapidly, now holding over 48,000 immigrants daily, including thousands of women and children. I Just Simply Did What He Wanted brings together personal accounts, data analysis, court records and insider interviews to illuminate an overwrought system riddled with abuse.

Production team

    Director/producer/cinematographer/editor:  Emily Kassie

    Cinematographer: Jih-E Peng

    Executive producer: Liz Baylen 

    Senior producer: Sarah Kramer

    Additional photography: Gabriella Garcia-Pardo

    Additional editing: John Woo

    Additional editing: Meg Felling

    Graphic: Aaron Byrd