Nomination process

The 6x6 Global Talent Program operates with a rolling process of nomination and selection


For each edition of the six global regions, the World Press Photo Foundation invites a diverse group of nominators from around the world to recommend one to three image-makers for review. The nominators include photographers, visual journalists, digital storytellers, photo editors, curators, festival organisers and professionals working in visual storytelling on a public level around the world.

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We welcome applications to become a nominator, as well as suggestions for possible nominator candidates.


To be eligible for nomination for the 6x6 Global Talent Program, a nominee must be a passport holder of one of the countries in the specified global region. There is no age limit for nominees, but she/he must be a professional image maker (meaning people whose work has been published or exhibited) or have a commitment to be a professional image maker (students may be nominated).

Once the World Press Photo Foundation receives the nominations, nominees will be contacted and asked to submit a portfolio of work from the last five years to an online platform for review. The portfolio can contain up to 30 files, and needs to consist of at least two stories or projects; with a maximum of 10 singles (although singles are not obligatory) and up to two video/multimedia projects (although not obligatory). Videos must be no longer than ten minutes in length. The portfolio can include up to seven stories/projects, and including stills is not obligatory; one can submit only multimedia projects, such as film.

Selection Committee

The independent online selection panel for each region comprises of five members in total: four selectors from the current region and one from a different region.


Discover work by the 6x6 talents, and key dates for the next edition of each region of Southeast Asia and Oceania; South America; Europe; Africa; North and Central America and Asia.