Photoville, New York City

Photoville, New York City

13 September 2018 to 23 September 2018
Brooklyn Bridge Plaza, 2018 Exhibition

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Brooklyn Bridge Plaza

Corner of Water Street and New Dock Street

New York City

United States of America


The World Press Photo Foundation will be at the 7th annual PHOTOVILLE in Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York City with the exhibition, ‘Foreseen: New Narratives from the African Photojournalism Database’.

PHOTOVILLE, New York City’s premier photo festival, is a modular event built out of shipping containers, combining over 85 indoor and outdoor exhibitions, talks, workshops, a beer garden, and night-time screenings in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Find out more about the program here.

The exhibition showcases the work of African visual storytellers selected from the African Photojournalism Database (APJD). A joint project of the World Press Photo Foundation and Everyday Africa, the African Photojournalism Database is a directory of over 350 African emerging and professional African visual journalists from over 35 different countries across the continent. Offering reimagined visual narratives from across the African continent, ‘Foreseen’ explores themes such as tradition, religion, identity, history, memory and daily life. This collection of work celebrates a new generation of photographers who are redefining what should be seen, and how, through the stories that matter to them.

‘Foreseen’ will spotlight the work of APJD members from across Africa: exhibited photographers include Hilina Abebe, Gulshan Khan, Robert Nzaou-Kissolo, Ayobami Ogungbe, Fethi Sahraoui and Ngadi Smart; and the featured photographers include Daouda Corera, Dania Hany, Leke Alabi-Isama, Rahima Gambo, Bassam Ihab, Yoriyas Yassine Alaoui Ismaili, Mahmoud Khattab, Jacques Nkinzingabo, Donwilson Odhiambo, Brian Otieno, Mustafa Saeed, Sarah Waiswa, Biko Wesa, John Wessels, and Jodi Windvogel.


Three of the exhibited photographers, Fethi Sahraoui (Algeria), Ngadi Smart (Sierra Leone), and Gulshan Khan (South Africa), will be present at Photoville from 12 - 16 September. Join the public 'meet and greet' sessions at the exhibition to hear more about the photographers and their stories: 


Friday 14th September from 6pm to 8pm
Saturday 15th from 3pm to 5pm


This is an expanded version of the APJD exhibition at LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism, Hanover, Germany earlier this year, as part of a continued effort to support and develop opportunities for the members of APJD.

Curated by Renée Akitelek Mboya and the APJD team. With the support of Blink

Visiting hours

Thursday 13 September: 16:00 - 22:00
Friday 14 September: 16:00 - 22:00
Saturday 15 September: 12:00 – 22:00
Sunday 16 September: 12:00 – 21:00
Monday 17 September: Closed to the public
Tuesday 18 September: Closed to the public
Wednesday 19 September: Closed to the public
Thursday 20 September: 16:00 - 22:00
Friday 21 September: 12:00 – 22:00
Saturday 22 September: 12:00 – 22:00
Sunday September 23: 12:00 – 21:00


Event Location

Corner of Water Street and New Dock Street , New York City, United States of America

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