2017 Digital Storytelling Contest, Immersive Storytelling, 1st prize

The Dig

You know how you feel about politics, religion, and other issues, but do you know how you feel about the changing landscape of human relationships? Things like trans-sexuality, Co-parenting, and cyborgs, to name a few.

The Dig explores the future of relationships using interactive audiovisual elements, placing the viewer at the center of the experience to explore and discover their own feelings in this world of rapidly transforming human relations. Piece by piece, a couple’s relationship jigsaw is revealed. The more elements you see, the more you know. In the end, you can decide what you think the couple should do, and in doing so you learn something about yourself. The stories of simple questions about complex problems are told through beautiful cinematography and frank interviews with the people involved.

Production team

    Created by The Skin Deep + Murmur
    Topaz Adizes, Mike Knowlton, Carla Tramullas, Julia Gorbach, Mark Harris

    Executive Directors | Topaz Adizes, Mike Knowlton
    Creative Directors | Carla Tramullas, Julia Gorbach, Mark Harris, Topaz Adizes, Mike Knowlton
    Creative Technologists | Mark Harris, Mike Knowlton
    UX Designers | Carla Tramullas, Joe Wheeler
    Data Visualization | Olivier H. Beauchesne

    Season 1:
    Directors | Julia Gorbach, Carla Tramullas
    Producers | Julia Gorbach
    Cinematographer | Carla Tramullas
    Editors | Dane Benko, Nicholas D’Agostino
    Additional Camera & Sound | Julia Gorbach
    Associate Producers | Mériem Dehbi-Talbot, Grace Larkin, Julius Bowditch, Paige Polk, Hans Lueders