2017 Digital Storytelling Contest, Immersive Storytelling, 2nd prize

The Fine Line: Simone Biles Gymnastics


The New York Times

How do we engage a mobile audience and explain the balance of strength and technique athletes use to win gold at the Olympics? Inspired by Snapchat and mobile viewing habits, but with the elegance of a highly crafted narrative, The Fine Line creates a new kind of viewing experience that shows the physics and technique behind the performances of the world’s best athletes.

How exactly is Simone Biles able to clear twice her height in a tumbling pass? Why does swimmer Ryan Lochte turn differently than other swimmers? Using data gathered through motion-capture technology, interviews with athletes and their coaches, and by annotating slow-motion and underwater footage, The Fine Line allows those techniques to become clear and engaging to viewers.

Production team

    Producer: Rodrigo de Benito Sanz
    Producer: Alicia DeSantis
    Producer, Video Editor: Alexandra Garcia
    Producer, Graphics: Mika Gröndahl
    Producer, Graphics: Evan Grothjan
    Producer, Video Editor, Color, Audio: Taige Jensen
    Producer, Graphics: Yuliyah Parshina-Kottas
    Producer, Reporter, Videographer: Bedel Saget
    Producer, Reporter, Videographer: Joe Ward
    Reporter, Videographer: Larry Buchanan
    Reporter, Videographer, Photographer: Leslye Davis
    Reporter: Juliet Macur
    Video Editor: Meghean Felling
    Color: Ben Laffin
    Graphics: Jeremy White
    Audio: Michael Cordero
    Photographer: Gregg Matthews
    Contributing Producer: Wilson Andrews, Danny DeBelius, Alexandra Eaton, Grant Gold
    Supervising Producer: Steve Duenes