Marcos Zegers

Marcos Zegers, Chile

“For me, reset means to things from a different perspective and do the exercise of questioning absolutely everything.”

Marcos Zegers is a documentary photographer from Chile. With an architect background, his documentary research work focuses mainly on geopolitical and territorial conflicts, which he approaches from a contemporary and multidisciplinary perspective.

In his 2020 Joop Swart Masterclass project, Zegers seeks to illustrate the reality of Araucanía, a rural area in southern Chile marked by a historical Indigenous conflict for the recovery of territories, tourism, and a thriving city-nature exodus. By focusing on five field stories, Zegers wants to steer away from the stereotyped and romanticized representation of the rural world in South America and provide a fresh perspective. 

2020 Joop Swart Masterclass

For the first time, due to the current global health crisis, the Joop Swart Masterclass is taking place online over a period of four months, and 24 participants and eight masters have been selected to make the program more inclusive.

“I would like to be able to develop conversations about projects and visions of different creators. I was working on an idea that coincidentally fits the theme of the masterclass, but at the same time I am open to it being an intense work experience from which new things will come out,” Zegers said.

The educational experience of the Joop Swart Masterclass is based on an assignment to produce a photo essay around a given theme. This year the theme is ‘Reset’.

“For me, reset means to think about things from a different perspective and do the exercise of questioning absolutely everything. I would like to focus on being able to dissolve all imaginary and work on a blank sheet that leaves behind traditional paradigms defining the way in which a territory is conceived,” he said. 

From July to October 2020, the participants will work on their projects and receive mentorship and guidance from the mentors. The final projects will be presented in November 2020. Learn more about the 2020 Joop Swart Masterclass