2016 Digital Storytelling Contest, Long Form, 3rd prize

A Year in Space



We live in an era in which too many people have forgotten the courage and the resolve it takes to travel in space. Yes, the missions are thrilling, but they are also grueling and quite dangerous, especially when explorers commit themselves to spending a year off the planet. A day in space means 16 trips around the Earth, 16 sunrises and sunsets, and 16 opportunities to watch the Earth crawl by below, always in your sight—and always out of reach. Imagine living there for an entire year.

A Year in Space follows Astronaut Scott Kelly on his record-setting one-year stay aboard the International Space Station—part of an ambitious experiment to determine if humanity's grand dreams of traveling to Mars can ever be achieved. With unprecedented access, TIME's filmmakers chronicle Kelly's mission in an 11—episode series. A Year in Space also follows Scott's family back home, including his twin brother Mark—a retired NASA astronaut—who is serving as the other half of a unique controlled experiment, comparing how identical bodies and identical genes respond to a year in decidedly non-identical environments. In A Year in Space, technology, biology and the ambitions of humanity will converge in ways they never have before.

Production team

    Director: Shaul Schwarz
    Co-Director: Marco Grob
    Producer: Jonathan Woods
    Editor: Andrey Alistratov
    Assistant Editor, Cinematographer: Christina Clusiau
    Executive Producer: Mike Beck
    Executive Producer: Jeffrey Kluger
    Executive Producer: Ian Orefice
    Executive Producer: Kira Pollack
    Title Sequence Composer: Jeremy Turner
    Sound Mix: Dan Dzula