2016 Digital Storytelling Contest, Innovative Storytelling, 3rd prize

Graphic Memories: Tales From Uganda’s Female Former Child Soldiers


European Journalism Centre

This animated and interactive graphic novel brings to life the stories of four young women who were abducted as young girls, raped and forced to kill for Joseph Kony's rebel army. Their stories demonstrate their incredible bravery as they face challenges upon their return, including PTSD and stigmatization. It also documents the challenges facing aid organizations trying to rehabilitate these women and their communities. Two of the women's stories illustrate the fact that child soldiers are returning from the bush even now, further disadvantaged by a drought in government aid.

Production team

    Freelance photojournalist: Marc Ellison
    Illustrator: Christian Mafigiri
    Editor: Carla Bower
    Assistant Producer: Elizabeth Melimopoulos Requena
    Supported by: European Journalism Centre, financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation