2018 Digital Storytelling Contest, Immersive Storytelling, 3rd prize

How 655,000 Rohingya Muslims Escaped


The New York Times

The New York Times has reported extensively on the Rohingya crisis from the start. Many of the stories explained the situation or focused on some of the people directly affected by atrocities. The goal of this visual project was to present powerful visual evidence documenting the truth on the ground in Myanmar and Bangladesh. We wanted to capture the epic trajectory of the entire event and show the horrors of the beginning, middle and current state. To do so, we sent multiple video journalists and multiple photo journalists to the region on several occasions. And we assembled a small team of editors and producers in New York to develop the story a visual narrative.

Production team

    Photographer: Tomás Munita
    Video journalist: Ben C. Solomon
    Video journalist: Mona El-Naggar
    Photographer: Adam Dean
    Photo editor: Craig Allen
    Photo editor: Malachy Brown
    Video editor: Larry Buchanan
    Graphics editor: David Furst
    Photo editor: Jon Huang
    Graphics editor: Josh Keller
    Producer: Meghan Petersen
    Photo editor: Douglas Schorzman
    Editor: Jeremy White
    Graphics editor: Josh Williams