1957 Photo Contest, News, 2nd prize

Simon E. Smit

Het Binnenhof

06 June, 1957

A blind man is saved from drowning at the Veenkade, The Hague, The Netherlands.

In 1999, photographer Simon E. Smit told De Zilveren Camera, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, about making the image: 'I was walking on the Veenkade in The Hague, when a man asked me for directions. I told him how to walk and watched him go, when I discovered, seeing his cane and bag, that he was blind. Shortly afterwards, I heard cries for help and a lot of clamor and screaming. Apparently the man had walked straight into the water. As I always carry a camera with me, I could immortalize how this blind man was rescued from the water at the Veenkade.'

About the photographer

Simon E. Smit

Dutch press photographer Simon E. Smit, born in The Hague in 1914, started his career as a press photographer in 1931. He worked press agency Vaz Dias and Polygoon and worked for...

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