1989 Photo Contest, News Feature, 1st prize

David Turnley

Detroit Free Press / Black Star

01 December, 1988

Boris Abgarzian grieves for his 17-year-old son, a victim of the Armenian earthquake.

On 7 December 1988, a magnitude-6.8 earthquake hit the northwest of Armenia, then a Soviet republic. The initial earthquake was followed by a series of powerful aftershocks, creating havoc and devastation. The Spitak Earthquake, also known as the Leninakan (Gyumri) Earthquake or the Armenian Earthquake, killed more than 25,000 people and destroyed the homes of hundreds of thousands.

About the photographer

David Turnley

American photojournalist David C. Turnley (Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1955) is the winner of two World Press Photo of the Year awards, one Pulitzer Prize, and the Overseas Press Club’s...

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