1974 Photo Contest, Photo Stories, 1st prize

Endre Friedmann


01 January, 1973

North-Vietnamese prisoners of war are being released. The photo series shows how North Vietnamese prisoners of war are being released and exchanged with South Vietnamese prisoners of war on the other side of the river. Both had to cross the river, in order to reach their comrades on the other side of the river. Friedmann ran with the released prisoners through the water, photographing them, while his colleagues stayed on the river bank to photograph the scene. This approach earned him the World Press Photo award, but also gave him a life-threatening bacterial infection. The release of prisoners of war was settled in the Paris Peace Accords, which were signed on 27 January 1973 by the United States, the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam). The settlement included a cease-fire throughout Vietnam. Furthermore, the United States agreed to withdraw all US troops and advisors, including the dismantling of all US bases within 60 days. In return, the North-Vietnamese agreed to release all US and other prisoners of war. The release and exchange of prisoners of war started almost immediately after the signing of the treaty.

About the photographer

Endre Friedmann

Endre Friedmann is an Hungarian photographer, not to be confused with the other Hungarian photojournalist Robert Capa, whose name of birth was also Endre Friedmann. Friedmann was...

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