1965 Photo Contest, Spot News, 3rd prize

Eddie Adams

01 April, 1965

Under sniper fire, a Vietnamese woman carries a child to safety as U.S. Marines storm the village of My Son, near Da Nang in Vietnam, searching for Vietcong insurgents. Da Nang was one of the major harbors in Vietnam, where the American army had a large air base during the war. It was also the city where Adams arrived, when he came to Vietnam in 1965. Having been a U.S. Marine himself during the Korean War, he travelled with the Marines and stayed with them at their camp in Da Nang.

About the photographer

Eddie Adams

The photographic career of American photojournalist Eddie Adams (New Kensington, Pennsylvania 1933 - New York City 2004) spanned 45 years, in which he covered every possible subj...

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