2020 Photo Contest, Nature, 3rd Prize

The King of Doñana


Antonio Pizarro Rodriguez

Diario De Sevilla

03 January, 2019

Two Iberian lynx take fright after hearing shots from a hunter’s gun, near Aznalcázar, Spain.

The Iberian lynx, found in parts of Spain and Portugal, is the world’s most endangered feline species, according to the World Wildlife Fund. The species has been brought to the brink of extinction by a number of factors, including the fragmentation of its forest habitat and subsequent genetic isolation, being poached for its fur, and a decreasing food base. Rabbits, their staple diet, have been almost eliminated from the area by rabbit hemorrhagic disease. A lynx population of some 5,000 in the early 1960s has been reduced to a few hundred, but recent surveys by the World Wildlife Fund indicate that numbers are slowly on the rise following conservation efforts.

About the photographer

Antonio Pizarro Rodriguez

Antonio Pizarro Rodriguez, born in Seville, Spain in 1973, is a self-taught photographer who began working as a reporter for Diario 16. He worked with different local and nationa...

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