World Press Photo gathering feedback for 2016 Photo Contest

Managing Director Lars Boering presenting revised photo contest procedures in Paris, France. (© Paolo Verzone)

The World Press Photo Foundation is reviewing and revising its photo contest procedures and rules in order to learn from the experience of the last two contests. This process began in June this year when the Managing Director Lars Boering set up an internal working group.

Lars Boering said: “Since becoming managing director, I’ve learned people value the World Press Photo Foundation greatly. I know how important it is to listen to the people involved in the ever-changing field of visual journalism. Everybody is sharing and learning, and that is exactly what the World Press Photo Foundation wants to encourage and benefit from. If we can share ideas about how to make visual journalism credible and reliable, then we can build a strong future for both the foundation and the community.”

This review process is paying particular attention to the question of manipulation, and includes the drafting of a code of ethics for the contest, as well as clear guidelines and visual examples to inform contest entrants what is and is not acceptable. The new rules and guidance will be available on the entry website when the 2016 Photo Contest is announced in December this year.

An important part of the process is the presentation of the proposed changes to groups of professional photographers, photo editors, agency representatives, and publishers all over the world in order to get feedback from the industry and improve the contest. To date, there have been meetings or presentations in Amsterdam, Paris, Cortona, Santiago de Chile, and New York. In August and September, there will be meetings in London, Hamburg, Beijing, and Nairobi. Further global consultations are planned between now and October.

There will also be a series of online consultations involving people from around the world between now and October. If you are a professional photographer, photo editor, agency representative, or publisher who would like a briefing on the proposals with the opportunity to provide feedback, please send an email to to register your interest.

Posted August 13 2015

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