World Press Photo Foundation to create database of African photojournalists

The World Press Photo Foundation and Everyday Africa are working together to create a database of professional African news photographers, photojournalists, and documentary photographers working in any of the countries on the continent.

The African Photojournalism Database will gather contact and career details about the photographers reporting on cultural, economic, environmental, political and social issues on the continent, as well as sports and nature stories, and the ordinary or extraordinary in everyday life. This information will enable the foundation to better engage photographers in Africa, and help Everyday Africa seek further contributors.

The database will later be made public so photographers working in Africa can be better connected to the international media economy. It will also help international media better understand the issues and projects African visual journalists consider important and have covered.

Lars Boering, managing director of the World Press Photo Foundation:
“One of our priorities in the years ahead is to recognize the contribution of local photographers and increase diversity in the global community of visual journalists. We know there is great work produced in Africa, but we don’t know enough about who is doing it and where they are doing it. Everyday Africa is a fantastic initiative that has given us new ways of seeing, and we are excited to be collaborating with them on this important project.”

Nana Kofi Acquah, Everyday Africa contributor:
"Everyday Africa is a family of photographers from diverse backgrounds, who love to share Africa's everyday stories with a world that is mostly misinformed about Africa. Becoming an Everyday Africa contributor has opened doors I didn't know existed, and triggered many conversations everywhere I go. I am proud to be part of the team that is positively educating the world on the proper way to see Africa. This database project is part of that larger effort."

Peter DiCampo, Everyday Africa co-founder:
"We're very proud that the majority of Everyday Africa's active contributors are African photographers, and we're looking forward to those numbers greatly increasing. The goal of Everyday Africa is to view the continent from many perspectives, but the most prominent creative voices must be African. We're excited about this database initiative with the World Press Photo Foundation, and see it as an important way to highlight and connect with the great work in African photography.”

To register with the African Photojournalism Database, photographers should go to and fill out the short form with their details.

For inquiries about the African Photojournalism Database, please email

Posted October 19 2015

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