World Press Photo Foundation and Tim Hetherington Trust reconfiguring Tim Hetherington Grant for 2016

Tim Hetherington speaking to the press before the 2008 Exhibition opening. © Roger Dohmen / Hollandse Hoogte for WPPh

Tim Hetherington at the 2008 Exhibition opening. © Roger Dohmen / Hollandse Hoogte for WPPh

The Tim Hetherington Grant was established in 2011 to celebrate the legacy of photojournalist and filmmaker Tim Hetherington, who was killed when a group of journalists came under fire during fighting between rebels and General Gaddafi's forces in Misrata, Libya, in April 2011. The World Press Photo Foundation and the Tim Hetherington Trust are committed to honoring Tim's legacy through an ongoing, cooperative partnership. Following consultation with the Hetherington family, World Press Photo is reconfiguring its cooperation for a 2016 relaunch of the grant. This means there will be no grant awarded in 2015.

Tim was committed to finding new ways to tell compelling stories about politics, conflict, and the human experience, and to relay these stories to a wide audience. The renewed cooperation, instead of providing funds for an individual project, will offer new ways of supporting photographers so we can expand Tim's legacy in new and creative directions.

Together, the World Press Photo Foundation and the Tim Hetherington Trust will support future beneficiaries by focusing on the opportunities for them to be involved in the media economy, either through support for education or by connecting them to the right international network.

Posted October 29 2015

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