New third prize awarded after Associated Press withdraws entry

At the request of The Associated Press, the third-prize People story by Daniel Ochoa de Olza titled ‘Victims of Paris Attacks’ will be withdrawn from the 2016 Photo Contest.

According to The Associated Press, the story was entered in error. The Associated Press has accepted responsibility for the error and apologized for any inconvenience to World Press Photo.

Magnus Wennman’s story ‘Where the Children Sleep’—which was ranked fourth in the People category by the jury—will now be awarded third prize. Wennman’s eight-photo story documents the vulnerable situation of refugee children.

Lars Boering, managing director of the World Press Photo Foundation, said:

“The jury had an abundance of quality photography to choose from in each category, and our processes are organized so we can accommodate an unforeseen circumstance—such as the withdrawal of a story by the owner of the entry. We are delighted to give the third-prize award to Magnus Wennman, a very worthy winner. We’re sorry that Daniel Ochoa de Olza’s third-prize award cannot stand given the request to withdraw the entry, but we’re happy that Daniel has also won second prize in the same category for his ‘La Maya Tradition’ story. I’ve spoken with Magnus and Daniel to congratulate both of them and we’re very pleased they can join us in April for the Awards Days.”

All questions concerning The Associated Press request should be directed via email to Associated Press Corporate Communications: Paul Colford or Lauren Easton.

Read The Associated Press statement here:

Posted February 19 2016

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