Everyday Africa and World Press Photo Foundation launch the first African Photojournalism Database on Blink

© Yagazie Emezi

© Mamhoud Khattab

The World Press Photo Foundation and Everyday Africa are pleased to announce the public launch of the African Photojournalism Database on Blink, a real-time location platform connecting freelancers to media companies that want to tell stories.

The African Photojournalism Database is a collaboration of the World Press Photo Foundation and Everyday Africa, and was first announced in October 2015. The database identifies professional African photographers, photojournalists and documentary photographers reporting on cultural, economic, environmental, political and social issues on the continent, as well as sports, nature, and stories of everyday life. The database will better connect local photographers with the global media industry and offer a more diverse representation of the African continent.

This project is part of the World Press Photo Foundation’s larger commitment to engage with African photographers and develop its activities on the continent. Photographers from the database have already been exhibited in a joint Everyday Africa-World Press Photo show at the Look3 Festival in Charlottesville in June this year. More work by these new contributors will be on display in another collaborative exhibition at BredaPhoto in the Netherlands from 15 September to 30 October. The next step for the foundation will be a week of educational and exhibition activities in Nairobi later this year.

Lars Boering, managing director of the World Press Photo Foundation:

“The African Photojournalism Database is one of our collaborations that shows how we reward the contribution of local photographers, work to increase diversity in the community of visual journalists, and connect new talent to the global industry. We’re thrilled to be working with Blink and Everyday Africa to make this happen.”

Maheder Haileselassie, photographer from Ethiopia:

“I registered to the African Photojournalism Database because I wanted my network and my freelance job opportunities to grow. I expect to introduce my work as well as being introduced to other African photographers’ work. The fact that World Press Photo and Blink turned their head to photographers from Africa shows that it’s about time for African photographers to tell their own stories.”

Peter DiCampo, Everyday Africa:

“Everyday Africa has already selected four new contributing photographers from the African Photojournalism Database; Girma Berta, Yagazie Emezi, Daouda Corera, Mahmoud Khattab, and will continue to draw on this resource to find new contributors in the future, keeping diversity of geography, gender, and style of photography in mind. We're very excited to be able to feature as much of Africa's photographic talent as we can and expose their work to our large audience.”

There is a thorough process to determine whether a registration qualifies for the African Photojournalism Database on Blink. There are three mandatory criteria. First, to be a national of one of the 55 African countries. Second, to report on either cultural, economic, environmental, political and social issues; sports or nature stories; photography of daily life. Third, to have a working website, Instagram or Facebook page with some recent work.

In its first nine months, the database received more than 500 registrations at apjd.org. After reviewing each of them, 248 photographers were verified and invited to join the African Photojournalism Database organization on Blink, where they have to create their own profiles. There are now more than 70 photographers who are part of the African Photojournalism Database organization on Blink and the number will increase as we assist more of the verified photographers in this process.

Registration for the African Photojournalism Database is still open. We will continue to review new submissions on a regular basis and help those who are successful create a profile with the organization on Blink. To register, please go to http://apjd.org/.

For inquiries about the database, please email apjd@worldpressphoto.org.

Posted August 8 2016

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