The World Press Photo Foundation’s 6x6 Global Talent Program launches with Southeast Asia and Oceania

The World Press Photo Foundation is proud to launch the new 6x6 Global Talent Program, with the first edition in Southeast Asia and Oceania.  

The 6x6 Global Talent Program is a new initiative that will help develop a more diverse visual representation of the world, by locating, recognizing and sharing the best work. World Press Photo’s new 6x6 program will identify six under-recognized visual storytellers from each of the world’s six continents, and connect them to a global audience.

About the Program
The 6x6 program will be a rolling process of nomination and selection in six global regions, focusing on one region every four months over a period of two years. World Press Photo is compiling a diverse group of nominators, working in visual storytelling on a public level around the world, to nominate candidates for review from each global region. World Press Photo is actively seeking suggestions or applications to become a nominator.

Once nominated, candidates from the current region will be asked to submit a portfolio of recent work. To reflect the growth of the image-making world, the 6x6 program is inclusive and with few limitations. There is no age limit for nominees, a range of visual storytelling – including photography and film – is encouraged, and creative processes are not limited. To be able to understand what is shown however, transparency of purpose behind the work and how it is produced, is important.

The invited selection panel will look for the best six submissions from each global region, but will not rank them or award individual prizes. The 6x6 program is not a contest, but a way of introducing talent and connecting people around the world. New work from those selected will be published and shared on World Press Photo’s platforms with a large international audience, every four months, so a new global perspective will be completed every two years.

Southeast Asia and Oceania
For the purposes of the 6x6 program, Southeast Asia and Oceania includes 17 countries. The selection panel for this global region comprises of two representatives from the World Press Photo Foundation, Lars Boering (chair), the managing director, and Jenny Smets, director of photography Vrij Nederland (the Netherlands). They are joined by Patrick Witty, deputy director of photography, digital, at National Geographic (United States).

Acknowledging the importance of local experience and knowledge, the two selectors from the current global region are Ng Swan-Ti, photographer and managing director of PannaFoto Institute (Indonesia); and Heidi Romano, photographer and festival director (Australia). 

In his announcement of the program on Witness, Lars Boering said:
“For all the skilfull image-makers out there working hard: we have designed this opportunity for you. I hope the 6x6 Global Talent Program will help reward your hard work and connect you to both us and the world. Use this opportunity so your hard work pays off and your talent is visible”.

An announcement of the six selected talents from Southeast Asia and Oceania will take place mid-November 2017. Find out more about the dates and deadlines of this edition. 

To apply to be a global nominator, and for all questions about the program, please contact Thera Vermeij, 6x6 Global Talent Program project manager, at

For questions and interviews, please contact the World Press Photo communications team:
Tel: +31 (020) 6766 096,

Posted September 28 2017

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