Announcing the results of the first 6x6 Global Talent Program in Southeast Asia & Oceania

The World Press Photo Foundation is proud to announce the six selected talents from the inaugural edition of the 6x6 Global Talent Program, in Southeast Asia and Oceania.

The 6x6 program is World Press Photo’s new initiative to connect visual storytellers around the world, particularly those that might not be well known outside of their own region, to a global audience. To develop a more diverse visual representation of the world, we need to locate, recognize and share the best work. The 6x6 program will spotlight talent from one of six global regions, every four months, over a period of two years.

Nominations for visual storytellers from the global region of Southeast Asia and Oceania were made by our growing community of global nominators. With each name put forward, the nominator explained why they believed their nominee should be selected. The following six talented visual storytellers were selected from more than a hundred projects that represented Southeast Asia and Oceania:

With Lars Boering, Managing Director of World Press Photo, as chair, the online selection committee comprised of:

  • Ng Swan-Ti, Indonesia, photographer and managing director of PannaFoto Institute
  • Heidi Romano, Australia, photographer and festival director
  • Wang Hui Fen, Singapore, deputy picture editor of The Straits Times
  • Patrick Witty, USA, deputy director of photography, digital, at National Geographic (Note: Witty was removed as a selector on 19 December 2017, the day World Press Photo first learnt of his unacceptable behavior)

About the 6x6 program, Lars Boering said:

“It is already clear to me that the 6x6 program serves a purpose in making us and the world aware of this work; to connect us, in order to see what is out there. I have learned from my fellow selectors that they have their eyes on some of the work that was shown - no matter if it had been selected for the final six or not. I hope many will follow this example and build sustainable connections with these talented visual storytellers.”

On what the selection committee wanted to see in the submitted portfolios,

Ng Swan-Ti said:

“I was looking for bodies of work that have a solid visual narrative. This means that the photographers should care for their photo sequences so that every single photo can work effectively in order to support the story they want to convey. I’ve found the submitted works showed amazing development of visual storytelling.”

Wang Hui Fen said:

“One important element of an image to me is its ability to evoke emotion. I was also looking for good visual storytelling and the concept behind the body of work. There was a good mix of entries between news, feature and concept images. Some of the images blew me away. I thought it was a good opportunity to see what photojournalists are working on despite the challenges we are facing.”

Reflecting on their experience of the 6x6 program,

Heidi Romano said:

“The first-ever 6x6 Global Talent Program couldn’t have come at a better time. Perhaps what it will achieve is largely up to participants - both artists and audiences - and perhaps the dialogues that these groups are able to generate and engage in between themselves is what will determine its success or not. Maybe this is what photography needs more than anything right now. To share the voices of unrecognised artists and to let the viewers respond.”

The work of the 6x6 talents will be published and shared on World Press Photo’s platforms in the coming weeks - with a special individual feature on Witness for each of the talents - and included in future collaborations to be announced soon.

6x6 Global Talent Program: South America

The next edition of the 6x6 Global Talent Program, South America, will open for nominations on Tuesday 14 November. World Press Photo is actively seeking suggestions or applications to become a nominator. To apply to be a global nominator, and for all questions about the program, please contact Thera Vermeij, 6x6 Global Talent Program Project Manager, at


From left to right, top to bottom: Hannah Reyes Morales (© Jon Morales), Maika Elan (© Terry Barentsen), Matthew Abbott (© Anna-Lena Roth), Sirachai Arunrugstichai (© Chonnapat Setdhasoratha), Huiying Ore (© Sean Lee) and Yoppy Pieter (© Yoppy Pieter).

Posted November 13 2017

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