1977 Photo Contest, Arts and Sciences, 3rd prize

Vyacheslav Bobkov

RIA Novosti

01 January, 1976

Radiobiological research: Flying owl being studied at the Puhtu ornithological station on Phutu Pensinsula, Estonia. Ornithologists at the station made biotelemetric studies of birds' hearts in flight, resulting in electrocardiograms of flying birds. Originally, the picture was published with the owl's electrocardiogram imprinted on the lower part of the picture. Vyacheslav Bobkov later recalled that it was not very easy to photograph the flying birds at the station. Although these tame rooks and owls were used to the presence of human beings, they immediately flew away as soon as Bobkov turned up with his camera. In the end, Yuri Keskpaik, one of the researchers and whose voice was familiar to the birds, would summon the birds and Bobkov would photograph them hiding in the grass.

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Vyacheslav Bobkov

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